Family Farming for
10 Generations

Poultry & Eggs

chicken house - eggs

The 53,000 bird cage free flock forms the nucleus of Smucker Farms Inc. We currently produce over 18 million eggs per year which are marketed through a regional egg processor. We strive for cleanliness, quality, and efficiency using the latest production techniques. Our chickens are kept in a clean, well ventilated environment. We have 2 layer barns housing a total of 53,000 cage free hens. Cage-free chickens are able, at anytime, to roam freely, eat, drink, perch, and nest. We take pride in producing high quality eggs while practicing exemplary animal husbandry. Smucker Farms Inc is American Humane Certified and is regularly inspected by the United Stated Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration.

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Smucker Farms Inc is American Humane Certified
The whole family is involved in the operation.

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